About Us

Our Story

GoldOnStone was established by a group of engineers with extensive experience in the development, integration and marketing of technology–intensive products. The company has developed a unique adaptation of a technology, currently used in the field of microelectronics, for the imprinting of miniature pictures or texts in 24 karat gold on any smooth surface such as glass or stone in an outstanding resolution.

Our objective is to bring our knowledge and experience in the field of engineering to the creation of artistic objects and accessories for the home and personal wear.  We specialize in the application of our innovative technology for gold imprinting to the field of design of decorative objects in general and jewelry in particular. This technology breaks through barriers that previously limited the use of gold and enables a wide range of personalized designs that challenge the artistic imagination.

We are pleased to invite manufacturers and designers with creative ideas to take advantage of our technology and work with us to realize their ideas.

You are invited to contact us at contact@goldonstone.com